Third Party Meeting Services Integration

Accudemia supports integration to third-party services via the Engineerica Meet service.

This document lists the general information and known limitations for each provider.

Zoom Integration

You can connect your personal, business, or educational account to Zoom to accurately track student sessions. When you associate your account, you will be asked for read-only access to your personal information and meetings, in addition, to write permission to meetings. Our services will only use this to create meetings on your behalf and update certain information.

Getting Started

1. Connect to Zoom

In order to start using Zoom with Accudemia, you need to navigate to:


Replacing [account-domain] with the domain of your account.

After you log-in, you should see the following screen:

From the “Select Meeting” list, select “Connect to Zoom”. You will see a popup window asking for your Zoom credentials and permission to connect the Engineerica Tracker application to your account. Click Accept to continue.

If you have a Zoom Business or Educational account, the integration might need to be pre-approved by an administrator in the Engineerica App page. Read more about pre-approving apps in the Zoom Marketplace.

2. Tracking Drop-In Attendance

When students sign-in using a Virtual Sign-In link, they will be placed on standby until they are fully signed-in. If the Waiting Line is enabled, then you can select the correct meeting when signing the student in:

Session sign-in time will change after the student joins the virtual meeting. If the student doesn't sign-in within 10 minutes, the registration will be canceled and the session log time will be zero.

Unlinking Your Account

If you wish to unlink your account, you can do it at any time by navigating to:


Where [account-domain] is the domain of your account. Select (Disconnect Zoom Account) to disconnect your account.

Disconnecting your account revokes the Engineerica's access to your Zoom account. Doing so immediately starts the deauthorization process and removes the app from the user's list of installed apps on the Zoom Marketplace.

Alternatively, you can go to to the services associated with your Zoom account and remove the application.

Following Zoom data-compliance guidelines, our services will delete all the data associated to your Zoom account. The session logs created belong to Accudemia and won't be affected as they don't include any Zoom-related information.

Limitations and Known Issues

  • Only Pro, Business or Educational accounts can be used. The Zoom Basic account does not allow registering students and, due to this limitation, we are not able to track when a student joins or leaves a meeting.
  • Instant meetings cannot be used. Instant meetings or meetings created using your Personal Meeting ID do not support registration, which is required on our end to be able to track participation.
  • Session log updates might be delayed up to a few minutes: Because the process works in the background, the session logs displayed in our services might be delayed from a few seconds up to a few minutes.
  • Participant names will include some random characters in Zoom. Due to an internal issue in Zoom, the only way we have to track the attendees in the meeting is by adding some session information after their names.