Exhibitor Admin Guide

Exhibitor Admin Features

As an Exhibitor Administrator, you have access to your Conference Tracker Exhibitor Web Portal. To access your Conference Tracker Exhibitor Web Portal, visit www.conftrac.com and sign in with the login information provided to you by your Conference Organizer.

Here, you can edit both your Exhibitor Profile and your Company Profile. The information included in your profile will be available to users who access the conference via the Conference Website Portal or the Conference Attendee mobile app.


The Dashboard will be your homepage for your Exhibitor account. Here, you will be able to see information about your gathered Leads, analytics about your account, appointments, messages, any Sessions that are taking place, and other numbers about your company! On the left-hand side, you will see the Navigation Menu, which lets you navigate through all of your available sections on your account, and on the right-hand side, you'll have your Conference Browser, which will display additional information as you navigate the conference space.

Click the option “All Analytics” in red on the right hand side to learn about a number of important Charts or Tables with information like:

  • Leads By Date: See here graphically, in a chart or table, the number of leads on specific dates.
  • Leads percentage by a representative: See here a pie chart or a table with the Lead percentages among representatives.
  • Leads by representatives: See here a pie chart or a table with the Leads amount among representatives.
  • Leads by times of the day: See here graphically, in a chart or table, the Leads organized by Time of Day.

The Navigation Menu will be present on the left-hand side of your screen. This will allow you to navigate to other parts of the conference and your profile, such as managing your Leads, viewing Appointments and Messages, editing your Exhibitor and Company profiles, and much more! You can find out more about each section of the Navigation Menu below.


As you obtain Leads, you can view and manage them here. Leads are obtained by either scanning an Attendee's badge on-site via the Conference Leads app (separate purchase required) or by having a virtual attendee interact with your Virtual Booth. Near the top of the Leads list, you will see a few additional functions:

  • Create: Clicking on the Create button will allow you to manually enter a Lead that you may have missed capturing during your event.
  • Custom Qualifiers: Custom Qualifiers allows you to edit the survey that appears after you scan a Lead at a conference using your Conference Leads App. Typically, it is some extra information you want to gather.
  • Analytics: This option provides detailed information about the leads captured by the exhibitor reps and admins, you can see charts like “Leads by Day”, “Percentage by representative”, Percentage per representative and more. For more information about Analytics, click here.
  • Prizes: For more information about Prize Wheels and Prizes, click here.

Leads Analytics

This section allows you to see analytics on your obtained Leads. You will see analytics such as Leads by Date, Leads by Representative, and Leads by Time of Day.


As Attendees visit your booth, they will have an option to request an appointment with your company. Whenever any Appointment requests are received, you will be able to view them under this section. When you click on any of your Pending Appointments, you will be able to see more information about the appointment request, such as the Date & Time, Location, and any additional information they request may include. Here, you will also be able to accept, reschedule, or decline any appointment requests made by Attendees.


As Attendees visit your booth, they will be able to send your company a message. Any messages that have been sent to you will be displayed in this section. You will be able to reply to any messages sent to you, but the Attendee must start this communication in order for you to reply to them. You cannot create a brand new message to an Attendee that has not contacted you first. When clicking on any of the sent messages, you will be taken to a chat view to reply to the Attendee.

Interested Attendees

When Attendees visit your Virtual Booth either via the Web Portal or their Attendee App, they will be recorded as Interested Attendees. Clicking on this section will show you the list of all of your Interested Attendees.


Under the Prizes section, you will have two sections:

  • Random Drawing: This will let you create a random drawing featuring each of your Leads, no matter how they were obtained. You will have some options to filter your results as well.
  • Prize Wheel: In the Prize Wheel section, you can create a Prize Wheel for your Attendees to spin. They will earn Spin Tickets as they visit and interact with your virtual booth. Once they spin and win a prize, they will be added to your list of Winners on this page. Near the top of your Prize Wheel list, you will see a few additional buttons:
    • Create: This allows you to create a new Prize Wheel. You can create more than one Prize Wheel as well. If you do, then Conference Tracker will choose a Prize Wheel at random to display to your ticket holders.
    • Winners: Clicking on the Winners button will show you a list of all Attendees that have spun your Prize Wheel and have won a prize. This is useful to easily contact them whenever you are ready!
    • Prizes: The Prizes section allows you to create all of the Prizes you will be offering in your Prize Wheels. We highly recommend creating your list of Prizes before creating a Prize Wheel, since a Prize Wheel will require at least one Prize in order to be created. To create a new Prize, click on the Create button found in this section.

Send Leads an Email

The Send Leads an Email feature lets you quickly email all of your obtained Leads for your company. The Email message can be fully customized with links, images, and attachments.

Export Leads

This feature allows you to export a list of all of your obtained Leads for your company in either Excel, HTML, or CSV format.

Exhibitor Settings

  • My Company: Clicking here will allow you to fully edit your company profile. These changes will be displayed in your virtual booth. Find out more about editing your company profile below.
  • My Custom Qualifiers: This section allows you to customize the form that will display when you capture a lead via the Conference Leads app at an on-site event.
  • My Reps: Here, you can view all of the Representatives tied to your Company. You can edit their account information or send them an invitation to update their profile.
  • My Ads: If you have any Push Ads available in your account, you will be able to use them here.
  • My Profile: This allows you to edit your personal profile. To find out more about this, click here.

My Company

To edit your Company Profile, on the left-hand Navigation Menu, click on Exhibitor Settings → My Company. Below are the sections available for you to edit:

  • Tagline: This will add a small tagline under your company's title in the Virtual Exhibit Hall.
  • Short Description: If you are a Sponsor in the event, you will be able to add a Short Description that will display on the Sponsor and Exhibitor list. This feature is exclusive to Sponsors.
  • Description: This section allows you to update or edit a brief description of your company. This will be displayed whenever your company profile is loaded.
  • Logo: Upload a logo for your company.
  • Categories: If your conference organizer has added any exhibitor categories, they will be displayed here. Choose the best category that fits your company.
  • Booth: If you have been assigned a booth number, you can list it here for Attendees to know where to locate you.
  • Promotional Content“ Under the Promotional Content section, upload one piece of media for all Attendees to see. Media content can be a short video, a PDF file, or even a PowerPoint presentation. This media content will be available to your Attendees via the Conference Attendee App in two places: when they visit your profile and when they visit our Virtual Exhibit Hall. You can find more information about this below.
  • More Resources: You can use the More Resources section to upload any additional files you would like to share with anyone visiting your booth. You can upload multiple files and multiple formats, such as Excel, Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and much more!
  • Virtual Booth: Here you can set up an online meeting link that will go live at your set times. For example, you can have a Zoom link active from 3 PM to 5 PM, set it up in the Virtual Booth section, then wait for Attendees to join the Zoom link via your Virtual Booth. You can then speak with your interested Attendees via Zoom! Any meeting link is supported as well.
  • Contact Information: Update your company's contact information. Contact email, phone number, website, and address. (Note: All of this information will be available to your attendees, except for the Street Address of your company.)
  • Social Networks: Link your company's social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Contact Person: Set a designated contact person for your company. Include their name, phone number, and email address.

Upload Promotional Content

As an Exhibiting Company, you will be able to upload one piece of media to your profile for Attendees to view. This can be either a video, image, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. We usually recommend a video, but you will only have room for one media upload. To upload your promotional content:

  1. Login to your account by visiting www.conftrac.com and entering your login information. If you do not have this information, please contact the conference organizer.
  2. On the left-hand Navigation Menu, click on your Exhibitor Settings, then click on My Company.
  3. Towards the middle of the company profile, you will see a section where you can upload your Promotional Content.
  4. Once you have picked your Promotional Content to upload, click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
Note: When you click Save Changes, the page will begin to upload the Promotional Content. Do not leave this page! It may seem like it's taking a while to save the profile, but this is due to the upload process taking place. Once it is finished, the page will automatically take you back to your previous page.


To edit your Exhibitor Profile, click on Exhibitor Settings → My Profile on the left-hand Navigation Menu. You can also click on the circle icons with your initials or profile photo at the top right of the page and then click on Manage Profile.

Sections available for you to edit:

  • Photo: You can upload a profile picture to your account from your computer. Simply click on the blue Upload button to open a window to search for the correct image.
  • Contact Information: You can update your Phone Number and Street Address information. (Note: your Address will not be available to Attendees, only your Phone Number.)
  • Social Networks: You will be able to link any of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Security: This setting will allow contact information such as email, phone number, and social media profiles to be visible to others using the Attendee app and in the Conference public site. Disabling it will remove it from your profile.
  • Title and Bio: You can populate and edit your Title and Biography.


  • Presenters: This section will show all Presenters participating at the event. You can view their profiles and interact with them as well.
  • Sponsors: View all Sponsor companies at the conference.
  • Exhibitors: View all Exhibiting companies at the conference.
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall: The Virtual Exhibit Hall is the main location where all Sponsor and Exhibitor companies will appear. This is the main method that Attendees will interact with you. Clicking on this link will take you to a list of all companies participating at the event, including yours. You can use this to preview what your booth will look like to Attendees!
  • Announcements: Any Announcements made by the conference organizers will appear here, such as schedule updates or other important messages.
  • Maps: You can view the event space Map here.
  • Ad Center: If available, you can use your Push Ads via this screen. Push Ads allow you to send a message to Conference Attendees. Please contact a conference organizer for more information on this.
  • Info: The Info section will give you a quick overview of the event you are attending, such as event dates, location, and much more.

Conference Leads Mobile App Features

If you have purchased our Conference Leads Mobile App, use this guide below to learn how to maximize your app usage! The app is mainly designed for in-person or hybrid events. Please contact your event organizer to find out more about the Conference Leads Mobile App.

Conference Leads Mobile App

  • Logging in
    • After downloading and opening the app, you will be asked to log in. You will need to enter your email and password associated with your Conference Tracker account. This information should already be emailed to you. For login assistance, you can reset your password inside the app.
  • Home Screen
    • After signing in, the home screen will appear. You will have five options:
      • Scan
      • Manually
      • Leads
      • Sessions
      • Sync
  • Scan
    • This will be your main way of obtaining leads while at your conference! When you press Scan, you will be taken to a camera screen. By aligning the QR code of the attendee's badge you are attempting to capture with your camera, you will be able to scan their information into your phone. If this is successful, you will then be taken to your customized Leads survey, pre-filled with any information available from that attendee's profile. You can fill out the rest yourself, with the help of the attendee of course.
  • Manually
    • If an attendee does not have a badge, you cannot find their profile by using your scanner, or you obtain their information virtually, you can always manually capture a lead by pressing the Manually icon. Once pressed, you will be shown a blank Leads survey that you can fill out with that person's information.
  • Leads List
    • Pressing the Leads icon will show you the list of Leads you have captured. Since you are the Exhibitor Admin, you will also be able to see all Leads captured by your representatives. By pressing on any of these captured leads, you can edit any collected information.
  • Sessions
    • The Sessions icon will allow you to view a list of the Sessions going on at the conference.
  • Sync
    • The Sync icon will upload/download new information to the server. This includes newly captured leads or any changes to the conference.
  • Navigation Bar
    • The Navigation bar is accessed by pressing the three lines on the top left corner of the screen or swiping right from the left edge of your phone screen. This will show you additional sections you can use in your Conference Leads app.
  • Collected Leads
    • This is the same as the Leads list. It will show you the list of Leads you have captured. As the Exhibitor Admin Account, you will also be able to see all Leads captured by your representatives. By pressing on any of these captured leads, you can edit any collected information.
  • Email Leads
    • By pressing Email Leads, all your captured leads will be sent to your email.
  • Schedule at a Glance
    • This will allow you to view a quick Schedule at a Glance for the Event.
  • Random Name Drawing
    • Create a name drawing that will randomly select individuals to win a prize, merchandise, etc.
  • Conference Info
    • Conference Info will display basic information about the conference you are attending. You can see the dates on which it will be taking place and a brief description. You also have access to some extra options (as set by the administrator) by pressing the 🛈 icon at the top right corner on your iPhone device or the red Plus button on the bottom right corner on your Android device. These include the conference website, directions to the conference, weather, and places of interest.
  • Appointments
    • Attendees can schedule appointments with you through their app. This is where you will see your list of upcoming appointments.
  • Push Ads
    • If you have purchased any Push Ads as part of your account, this is where you will be able to use them. Push ads will be sent out as a notification to anyone using the Conference Attendee app at your conference. They will consist of a title and a brief message. If they press the notification itself, they will be taken to your company profile where they can request more information or schedule an appointment with you.
  • Profile
    • Here you will be able to edit your profile, such as your profile photo and basic contact information.
  • Logout
    • This will log you out of your Conference Leads app. This is important since you can only be signed in to one device at a time per account.

Additional Help

Depending on the conference and the conference organizer's setup, you may have more features to take advantage of. To access these, please be sure to contact your conference organizer and ask them if there are any other features available to you to ensure you maximize your company's exposure.

Using Leads for a Virtual Conference

During a virtual conference, your Leads app will be able to collect all of your Leads in a single profile for your entire organization. As Attendees navigate the Conference app, you will begin capturing attendee information as they request more information about your company, schedule appointments with one of your representatives, or click on an Ad provided to you by the Conference Organizer. All of these captured Leads can be exported at any time in an easy to use Excel file, sent directly to your email.

Using Leads for an On-Site Conference

During an on-site conference, your Leads app will turn into a powerful badge scanner, allowing you to capture the contact information of any attendee that visits your booth. Simply use the camera on your mobile device to scan an attendee badge's QR code and your Conference Leads app will gather their information. This information can be exported at any time in an easy to use Excel file, sent directly to your email.