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Conference Attendee - Moderator Manual

Thank you for using our Conference Attendee App! As a Moderator, you have the ability to monitor all posts made on the Conference Attendee social media. You also have all of the abilities of an Attendee using the Conference Attendee. To view how to use the Conference Attendee app as an Attendee, click here.

To moderate the Conference Attendee app, you can do the following from your app:

  1. Deleting Posts
    • Users with the Moderator role have the ability to moderate the posts on the Attendee app. They can also delete posts made on the app, as well as upload and make changes to the Map. To delete posts on the social feed, click on the three horizontal dots on the top right of a post. This will give several options, which one will be to delete.
  2. Updating Maps
    • To make changes to the Maps section, go to the Maps section and click on the corresponding Map.
  3. Monitoring Attendees
    • Attendees on the App have the option to report a post as inappropriate. These will be reported to the moderator who has the ability to delete the post.
    • Attendees also have the option to contact the conference organizer while they are in the Attendee application. These messages will go to the Moderator, and they can respond to the individual.

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