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Home Screen

This is the home screen shown below. This screen allows you to quickly see items such as an overall view of all the Training Plans in your AccuTraining account and the progress that has been made in each of them for all Employees as well as any current Training Courses taking place at this time. This is the default screen that loads when logging into the website as an User with Admin access.

Notable Features:

  1. Search bar at the top of all screens - This allows you to pull up a quick view of a user, event, logs, and more simply by typing in your request.
  2. Home button/Your Company Logo - By clicking on this image it will take you back to this home screen if you have navigated away from it.
  3. Notifications Bell (Top-right corner) - This is where you can view any recent account activity AccuTraining wants to share with you.
  4. Account Settings (Top-right corner) - This is accessible by clicking on your image/name and is where you can change your password, view your profile, change account settings, log-out, and visit the about us or help sections for AccuTraining.

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