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Accudemia 7.0 - Announcement

Engineerica Systems Published on Jul. 9, 2019

  1. New Intuitive Layout
    • Menu Optimization - This allows for easier navigation to common areas and direct links to section in lengthy settings screens.
  2. Streamlined Tasks
    • Admin's "Manage Center" Screen - This area consolidated many common areas and functions used to manage your area.
  3. Time Saving Processes
    • Quick Views - This allows you to keep up the screen you were working on but perform simple functions in an over-layered right-side menu.
  4. Improved Student Experience
    • Appointment Scheduling - Improved the Appointment Scheduling by providing a uniform step-by-step scheduling process used by admins, tutors, and students alike.

Accudemia 7.0 - Download & Install ADX

Engineerica Systems Published on Nov. 27, 2019

In this video we simply see how to download and install the Accudemia Data eXchange (ADX) software that will be used to import CSV data files into Accudemia.

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