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Tutor/My Account Configuration

  • You are Signed-in / Out: This option allows the tutor to sign-in or out of a Center.
  • Account: This provides information about the Instructor such as Name, Email, and Enrollment.
  • Preferences: This allows the Instructor to configure some preferences such as Notifications and Site Navigations.
  • My Schedule:To edit your Tutoring availability.
  • Connect to Outlook 365: Use this option to access the integration with Outlook 365.
  • Pending Surveys: This provides access to complete System Surveys.
  • About Accudemia: This provides information about Accudemia.
  • Logout: This allows the Instructor to log out of Accudemia.

You are Signed-in/ Out

This option allows the tutors to Sign-in or Sign-out of a Center as needed:

Signing-in to a Center

Note that you can only Sign-in to one Center at a time.
  1. Click “You are Signed-out” menu Option:
  2. Now select the Center that you are signing-in and click Sign-in:
  3. A confirmation message should appear:

Signing-out of a Center

  1. Please click “You are Signed-in” menu Option:

  2. A message should appear confirming that you are indeed Signed-in to a Center, now you can click Sign-out:
  3. A confirmation message should appear:


Access this feature by clicking your name in the top right corner and then clicking on the Accounts option.

General Tab

  • First Name: This is the User's First name.
  • Middle Name: This is the User's Middle name.
  • Last Name: This is the User's Last name.
  • Birthdate: This is the User's Date of Birth.
  • Gender: This the User's Gender.
  • Admin Notes: This field store notes about the User.
  • ConnectLink: This field stores the meeting link to be used for online or virtual Appointments/Sessions.
  • Emails: This is the User's email.
  • Phone Numbers: This is the phone number for the user.
  • Addresses: This is the Home Address for the user.
  • User Photo: This is the User's email.

When viewing your account information click the Direct Appt Link - Create Link link (located under your profile photo) to get a link that students can use to book appointments with you directly. This link can then be emailed to or shared with students who want to book an appointment in Accudemia with you as the Tutor. Follow the steps to complete this setup:

  1. Click the Create Link option to start this process.
  2. Enter text in the textbox to (1) Create Link.

    Optionally click on the Preview Link Target to test this out.

    The link will now be updated here to (2) Copy and Share.
  3. Now click the Save Link button
  4. A confirmation will show and you can click the close in the top-right to exit.
  5. The link will always be here to Copy and Share later.
Note: This direct appointment link will only pre-select you as the Tutor so you'll need to let them know in the email you share which Center and Services you are available for in Accudemia.

Security Tab

  • User ID: This is the User's ID.
  • Secondary ID: This is an optional second ID that can be assigned to the user.
  • Password: This is the password field.

Profile Tab

This shows Profile questions (if any) configured by the System Administrators. You can update the responses or simply view them.

Enrollment Tab

  • Term: Please select the Term from the List (it will default to the current term).
  • Subject Areas: View the enrolled classes here if you are a student.
This information might be automatically updated by the administrator regularly, so please contact your administrator if you think something is missing/wrong!!


Navigate here by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen and selecting Preferences. You will have the following sections available to choose from:


  • Use this option to opt-in/out of email and/or text message notifications when various actions happen such as:
    1. When someone sends you a message.
    2. When someone cancels an appointment.
    3. When someone restores an appointment.
    4. When someone confirms an appointment.
    5. When someone re-schedules an appointment.
    6. When a technical contact is removed.
    7. As an appointment reminder.
  • Use this option to opt-in/out from Accudemia remembering selections you have made in the past.
    1. Remember the last center selected.
    2. Remember the last services selected on the appointments screen.
    3. Remember comments when making an appointment.
    4. Remember filters in the session log screen.
    5. Remember duration in manual sign-in/out screens.
    6. Remember comments in manual sign-in/out screens.
    7. Remember subject area selection in manual sign-in/out screens.
    8. Remember services selection in manual sign-in/out screens.
    9. Auto-select me as tutor(applies only to tutor).
    10. Auto-select me as an instructor(applies only to instructors).
    11. Remember report filter: Period.
    12. Remember report filter: Location.
    13. Remember report filter: Locations and Services.
    14. Remember report filter: Subject Areas.
    15. Remember report filter: Students.
    16. Remember report filter: Tutors.
    17. Remember report filter: Groups.
    18. Remember report filter: Show user ID.
    19. Remember report filter: Show Canceled Appointments.
    20. Remember report filter: Show Voided Appointments.
    21. Remember report filter: Show Rescheduled Appointments Only.
    22. Remember report filter: Show Pie Charts.

Virtual Meetings

Use this option to connect to a third-party meeting provider (Zoom, etc.) to track attendance accurately.

By connecting directly to a meeting provider you can:

  • Use the Waiting Line to send students to the correct meeting or bypass it completely.
  • Collect the Student's exact session time since it will be directly pulled from the meeting provider when they entered and left the meeting.
  • Easily have Students join remote appointments by automatically sending them to your daily active meeting.

Connect to Zoom Integration

  1. Send Students to my meeting automatically (when waiting line not used): Use this option to send the students to your active daily session when no waiting line is in use.
  2. Select Meeting…: Click on this option to connect to a streaming service eg: Zoom. A new screen could show so you can log in to the streaming platform, as well as other screen asking for authorization to connect Accudemia with the Streaming platform, please click Authorize.
  3. After the integration has succeeded you will see the word “Session” followed by today's date. Now if you click on the drop-down box you will see the options to create a new session or disconnect your account as shown below:

Connect to Outlook 365

In this option, you can connect your Outlook 365 calendar with your Accudemia:

  1. Click on “Connect to Outlook 365”:
  2. On this screen, you need to authenticate with your Microsoft credentials:
  3. The next screen is authorizing the integration between Accudemia and the account for Microsoft. Click Accept:
  4. Now Accudemia should let you know that you are connected and you need to pick what calendar you are going to use from the list. Typically the default selection “calendar” should be the proper selection:
  5. On this screen you have several options, if you click “View Synced Events” you have access to all events that were synchronized for the next 7 days:

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