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Session Logs

Purpose: To enter comments on sign-in sessions and complete the session evaluation
How to Access: Center Attendance > Session Logs

You will see a Search bar on the right-hand side of the web page, it is used to narrow down the search:

(Show Student/Tutor Logs, Period, Location, Student or Student ID, Tutor or Tutor ID, Subject Area, Service, Report Visit, Comments)

Entering or Editing Comments

If you wish, you can enter comments on each sign-in session Accudemia records. This is handy if you want to keep a journal of each sign-in session. For example, if you have a tutoring center, tutors can use this feature to keep track of what they did during their meeting with each student. This would serve as a progress tracker for tutors, a method for tracking meetings for administrators, and as a record for the center.

To view a comment:

  • Simply highlight the user you want to write a comment on or edit.
  • Click on the “Comments” button that should appear next to the Session Logs at the top of the page
  • A pop-up window should appear and you'll be able to type your comment on the provided field.

A small notepad icon is shown next to the Students' names in the grid if a comment was added to a session.

Creating a Session Log

Tutors can create session logs only if the System Admin allows them to do so. Always check with you System Admin on their procedures. Click here to learn how to contact your System Admin

By clicking on the Icon on the top right corner named + New Log, you'll be able to create a new log.

A pop up window called Create Session Log will appear, you can then fill out the form with all the session information.

Once finished by clicking on Create Session Log, the log will be saved and created. This will allow you to view it and comment on in from the main Session Log page.

Center-Use this option to select the Center.

Students-Use this option to select the Students.

Pick students from class option- This option allows you to select a student or a group of student from a Class, see the explanation on the next chapter.

Tutor-Use this option to select the Tutor.

Instructor-Use this option to select the Instructor.

Subject Area-Use this option to select the Subject Area.

Services-Use this option to select the Services.


-Set a date and time.

Still signed-in / Signed out - Choose if this is just a Sign-in Log or if you want to create also a Sign-out log after certain minutes or an specific Time.

Creating a Session Log, pick students from a class option:

1-First select the Term and the Class.

2-Select students from the list, you can use the “Check All” and “Check None” option for faster selection.

3-Click on the button that says “Select X Students” .

4-Continue adding more students in the same way or complete the remaining required fields to save the new logs. .

Tutoring Assessment
If you don't have a Tutoring Assessment available then your system admin will have to create one. Click here to see how the system admin creates a Tutoring Assessment.

In this section, you can create the evaluation form that a tutor can complete about the progress of the student in this current session. This can actually be a series of questions you come up with to evaluate the student's progress, inquire about each session, and more.

-To create a tutoring assessment select the session log from the list and click on “Tutoring Assessment”:

Then depending on how the Assessment was configured, you will need to answer a few questions such as this sample:

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