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Accudemia 10.0 - Announcement

Engineerica Systems Published on August 19, 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • Support Drop Box - This new module will allow you to have students submit tickets online (based on available “Async” Services), manage the process for how they are handled, and report on the details of each asynchronous process available.
  • Per Service Appointment Durations - This new feature allows for specific services to use their appointment durations instead of using the center's default durations. Admins can now customize each service's “Appointment durations” within the service itself.
  • Appointment filtering by Service - We have added a new “Service” filter to more easily view the specific Appointments you are looking for at a Center.
  • Sign-In Notification - This is a new notification for tutors when a student checked-in. You can choose from one or all; sending an SMS text message, hearing an auditory beep or tone played “on-screen” (while viewing the list), or receiving an email message.
  • New “Tomorrow” Period filter - This added a new way to view upcoming appointments in the “View All Appointments” screen.
  • Appointments Screen Refresh button - This option was added to the “View All Appointments” screen so you do not have to refresh this page manually and will see updated statuses on the appointments.
  • Improved Login Security - After multiple unsuccessful login attempts due to wrong credentials, the user can be blocked for some time.
  • New Android Accudemia app - This allows your students and tutors/advisors/staff to interact with Accudemia on their mobile devices.

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