Quick Start to AccuClub

1. Setup Timezone & User Roles


To set up your Timezone go to Advanced Options and click Settings. Once there simply click the General section. Now select your timezone from the drop-down box (default is EST).

Click Save button to save your timezone.

Define User Roles

To set up your User Roles go to Advanced Options and click Settings. Once there simply click the User Roles section. Notice that there a 3 main types of Users by default; Administrators, Members, and Operators. If you are fine with these Predefined Roles then go to the next step.


Has access to the whole system, can manage other users as well.


Has little or no access to the system, used for the members you want to track.


Has access to the system using the iOS app, to take and view attendance only.

If you want to customize the roles click here.

2. Enter Members

There are two ways to enter your Members:

  • Using an Import in which you must create a .CSV file with all the Members data. using this method it will automatically have all your student data available to you.
  • Doing it manually: Input your Members information through AccuClub. To manually enter them you must go to the View/Edit Users section under Memberships of the main menu.

Once there select the user role and click the Create New to fill in the following info about your Member on the next screen:

User Info
  • First Name (Required)
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name (Required)
  • Email
  • Card Number (Required)
  • Password (Only used for Administrators and Operators)
  • Role (This should be set to member if you selected it in the drop-down on the previous screen.)

Click the Save button to save your Members data.

3. Enter Events and Locations

There are two ways to enter your Events:

  • Using an Import in which you must create a .CSV file with all the events data. Using this method it will automatically have all your events available in the system.
  • Doing it manually: Enter the Events and their Schedule go to View/Edit Events under the General Section.
You may want to create a location first so when you create the event you have somewhere to place the event. To create Locations click the Edit Locations button from the Events menu then click Create Location. Once you get there simply give a name and optionally a description.

To create a Event, click Create New, and then fill in the following info:

  • Event Name: Fill in the name of the event.
  • Details: A short description about the event.
  • Add schedule: Select the day of the week in the drop-down box to add days that the event occurs. Adjust the times and set the event location. (A sample will be given if none have been created.) You can also schedule one-time meetings for specific dates if you do not meet on a regular day and time of the week.
  • Required Presence: Set this to the percentage you want the Member to attend to deduct credits from their membership.
  • Require Users to Sign-out: Uncheck this box if you only require Members to sign-in. (If you don't need to know how long they were there.)

Click the Save button to save the data.

4. Register the Members to Events (Optional)

There are two ways to enter your Registration:

  • Using an Import in which you must create a .CSV file with all the Members data. Using this method it will automatically Registration all your Members in their events.
  • Adding Registration Manually can be done by clicking on View/Edit Members under Memberships on the main menu.
  1. Click Registration on the student you want to register.

  1. Then select the Event from the drop-down box.
  2. If you accidentally select the wrong Event you can remove it by clicking the minus sign.
  3. Click Add Event button.
You can also register the Members similarly under the Events section. Just select the Event first and then choose the Members you want registered in it.

5. Create Membership Plans (Optional)

Define the plans available to purchase by the users. Here are the steps to create Membership Plans:

  1. Go to the Advanced Options > Settings > Membership Plans when logged in as an admin at accuclub.net
  2. Click the Create Plan button in the top left.
  3. Enter the following information about the Membership Plan:
    • Name: A name for the Membership Plan.
    • Description: Brief Description of the plan.
    • Sales Notes: A note that appears when salespersons attempt to assign the plan for a member.
    • Credits (Can be set to Unlimited): How many credits this Membership plan is worth.
    • Plan Cost: The cost in dollars of the Membership Plan
    • Valid for: The expiration in X hours, days, weeks, months, or years for the plan.
    • Discount Method: This is stating how the credits will be used under this Membership plan whether using visits or time. I using time choose your rounding options.
    • Credit Restrictions: (Credit will be used at anytime until it expires is the default.)
      • Credit Available Only If X IS/NOT Y AND/OR…
        • X: This is the basis for the statement and can be set to:
          • Location
          • Event
          • Remaining Credits
          • Day of Week
          • Month name
          • Time
        • IS/NOT This sets the statement to either question true or false criteria.
        • Y: This is the criteria for the statement and can be completely customized.
        • AND/OR: This can be used to set multiple connected(AND) or separate(OR) condition statements.

6. Record Attendance!

To find out which attendance method is best for you, visit this guide.

There are several ways to record your attendance below:

  1. Via an Operator Recording the Attendance:
  2. Via Member Self Sign-in:
  3. Via Operator Swiping Member In:
  4. Via Operator after the session (delayed entry):

7. View and Edit Attendance Data

To view and edit the attendance of a class go to the Attendance section and click the View/Edit Logs. At this point you will see a complete list of the members logs.

To edit the attendance for a particular log click the title of the log. This will open the Edit Log Screen for that swipe.

You can assign logs to unknown members, events, and locations on these logs.

8.Export Class Attendance

To export your data go to the Advanced Options section and click Export Data. You can download your data by clicking the Download lightened text. You are able to download your data as .CSV , HTML and Excel 2007/10 file. The data you can download is:

  • Members
  • Operators
  • Enrollment
  • Events
  • Raw Swipes
  • Attendance Log

Need more help? Visit the Full Manual