Download the AccuClass App

First, you need to download the AccuClass app from either the App Store or the Google Play store. It's a free application so no need to worry about additional fees.

  1. Tap the App Store icon.
  2. In the Search field type AccuClass and tap search. Tap the cloud icon to download/install.
  3. Now click open or from the home screen click on the AccuClass icon.
    • or
  4. Login using your AccuClass account by:
    • Entering your Email
    • Selecting your Account (It should automatically start to sync with your AccuClass account.)
    • Entering your Password

That's it! You're ready to start using the AccuClass App!

Use an Apple/Android device for:

AccuClass App Administrative Options

Apple device Administrative Options

How to Access: Settings > AccuClass

  1. Tap the Settings icon (gear symbol) on the Apple device.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the device settings list and tap on the AccuClass section at the bottom

Purpose: These administrative options allow you to fine tune the app to your needs with settings such as camera selection if mounting Apple device in a kiosk and other various settings.

Allow AccuClass to Access

  • Bluetooth - Use this option to enable or disable the Bluetooth function.
  • Camera - Use this option to enable or disable the camera function.
  • Notifications - Use this option to enable or disable notifications.
AccuClass Settings

  • General
    • Device Name - Use this setting to name the device. This helps if using multiple devices in a classroom for scanning to identify which one maybe having issues.
Station Options

  • Barcode Scanning - This section is used to setup QR code and linear barcode scanning.
    • Use device camera - This enables the camera to be used to scan QR codes and linear barcodes.
    • Camera - Use this option to choose which camera is going to be used for scanning the barcodes. The options are simply Front and Rear. Note: The best camera to use will be the Rear camera as it tends to have the highest resolution for scanning by hand. This option was added to allow you to use the Front camera if needed for a wall-mounted setup.
    • Continuous Scanning - This option allows you to keep the app on the scanning screen after each swipe is collected.
  • Mag Stripe Scanning - This section is used to setup scanning with a magstripe device.
    • ID Start - This is the starting position that you want the magstripe to read.
    • ID Length - This is the length of characters that you want the magstripe to read.
You can use a combination of these settings to pull exactly what you want from the cards being swiped. Let's say I do a test swipe and it pulls “1234567890” a ten-digit number and my ID is only seven digits (2345678). To grab only these numbers I would use the number “2” for my ID start and “7” for my length.

  • Manual Mode
    • Allow manual ID entry - This option allows you to disable the manual ID entry mode and only use the barcode scanning options. Alternatively this option would need to be enabled if you would like to type the ID in of a Student or use the Magstripe option.
  • Swipe - This section controls how the swipes are handled by the app.
    • Allow unknown users - This allows you to scan or type in unknown students to be resolved later in AccuClass.
    • Auto class selection - This allows you to use the Classroom schedules to automatically select the class being scanned.
    • Auto In/Out selection - This allows you to not have to manually change whether they are signing in or out on the app. It is like Kiosk mode on a PC Sign-in Station where it has AccuClass automatically determine if its an in or out based on previous swipes or lack there of.
    • Play sound - Use this option if manually scanning to help ensure scans are being collected. The app emits a high beep sound if the swipe was good and a deep low error tone if the swipe is bad.

Android device Administrative Options

Coming Soon!

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