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Using ID Cards with a Magnetic Strip Reader

First you will need to order Magnetic Strip Readers for your Apple or Android device by contacting one of our friendly National Account Specialists at

Once ordered simply attach the device on to the end of your Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPhone, or Android devices. It should fit pretty snugly on the device. Once in place follow these steps to use it:

Click here for instructions on how to download the AccuClass app.

  1. Open the AccuClass App and click on the Swipe Cards icon. Then choose classroom.
  2. Choose the manual entry mode.
  3. Swipe the Student's card and that's it! You will either receive a confirmation or error.
    • OR
If you receive an error it is because the swipe was not recognized (simply swipe again) or you may have to register the Student's Card number. Click the link to learn more about Assigning Cards to Students.

Click here to choose another method for tracking attendance with AccuClass.