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Student Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  1. How do I access campus resources in the Campus Compass?
  2. How do I search for appointments in AccuCampus?
  3. How do I make appointments in AccuCampus?
  4. How do I download and sign into the AccuCampus app?
  5. How do I find and sign up for events in AccuCampus?
  6. How do I unregister for an event in AccuCampus?
  7. How do I see up-coming appointments in AccuCampus?
  8. How do I manually sign in to the AccuCampus App?
  9. How do I walk in and sign into a center through the AccuCampus app (students)?
  10. How do I rate or review a service or location within AccuCampus?
  11. How do I sign into a Waiting Line from the mobile App?
  12. AccuCampus: How to Turn Beacon On/Off?

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