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Our company, Engineerica Systems Inc, has been developing attendance tracking software since 1994. We offer software systems for conference & events attendance tracking, classroom attendance tracking, club & gym member attendance tracking, employee and academic center attendance tracking. Our systems include desktop software and web-based software. We also offer attendance tracking apps that runs on the popular Apple iOS platform.

Below is a list of our software products with links to their websites.

1. Conference Tracker: Cloud-based Conference Tracking Software

Track attendance to your conferences, workshops, training sessions and events with ease. Use Conference Tracker to design and print out your conference badges. Capture the attendance by using an Apple device (e.g. iPod touch). View the attendance data on the Conference Tracker website or export it to Excel. Design your conference attendance certificates and distribute them automatically with the system! Get excellent support throughout the process. For more information click here.

2. Conference Leads: Cloud-based Lead Retrieval System for expos, trade shows, conferences, and other events.

Use Conference Leads to capture sales leads at events, trade shows, expos, or conferences. Use your Android or Apple device to scan the attendee's conference badge to capture the contact information. Add your custom qualifying questions. For more information click here.

3. AccuTraining: Cloud-based employee training tracker

AccuTraining is cloud-based software tracking employees' training plans and progress. Use a computer, Apple device or time clock to record employee training attendance. Assign training sessions or training plans to employees and track their progress. Click here for more information.

4. AccuClub: Cloud-based membership tracking system for gyms, clubs, and other organizations

AccuClub is cloud-based membership attendance tracking system. Use a computer sign-in station, Apple device or time clock to record members' attendance to your club or sports class. Only need a web browser to get reports and analyze your attendance data. Click here for more information.

5. AccuClass: Class Attendance Tracking System

AccuClass is an innovative web-based classroom attendance tracking system. AccuClass offers several options for recording the attendance data including using a computer or a laptop, using a time clock or using an Apple iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. Collected attendance data is uploaded to a powerful web-based database software for analysis and reports. For more information on AccuClass, click here.

6. Accudemia: Cloud-based Academic Center Management System

Accudemia is a web-based software for tracking student visits and managing academic centers. Customers use Accudemia for tracking attendance, managing appointments, collecting feedback via online surveys, recording notes on visits, and allocating resources. Accudemia also includes an early alert system, online chat, and classroom attendance module. Accudemia is a web-based system, and both the software and its database are hosted on the Amazon cloud. We take care of all the maintenance and IT work, so all you need to start using Accudemia is a web-browser. Click here for more information.

7. AccuTrack: Academic Center Management and Appointment Scheduling Software

AccuTrack is academic center management and appointment scheduling software. AccuTrack is being used by colleges, universities, and schools to track student attendance and usage of services, track staff work hours and pay, collect feedback on services, check who is in, query visitors demographics, analyze traffic and visits patterns, keep a session log, and much, much more. AccuTrack is desktop based and installs on your computer network. For more information on AccuTrack, click here.

8. AccuSQL: Academic Center Management Software with Microsoft SQL Server Back-end

AccuSQL offers AccuTrack's features but uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine. As a result, this true client-server solution is faster, more secure, and more reliable system for tracking students and managing academic centers. Track attendance, manage appointments, collect feedback, check who is in, query demographics, analyze traffic, and much more. For more information on AccuSQL, click here.

9. AccuLite: Basic Visits Tracking Software

If you only need to track visits and usage of services and have a low budget, then AccuLite is for you. This basic attendance-tracking software is a great replacement of your sign-in sheets and manual tracking. Get 8 convenient reports at the click of a button. The software has the lowest cost among our software products. For more information on AccuLite, click here.

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