Using one or more time-clocks mounted on the wall

This feature is currently not available for AccuClub but is under development!

Have students sign-in at the time clocks. Learn more by clicking here. For ordering information please contact your national account specialist at 1-888-249-7227 or at

This option is only supported on Institution accounts.

Download & Install the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub

  1. Install the Digital Download with the link provided in the time-clock materials.
  2. Once installed click on the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub icon.
  3. Login using your Institution's or Instructor's AccuClub credentials.
  4. Notice the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub is Logging In…
  5. There are no time-clocks connected yet so click “Add Time-Clocks”
  6. Add the IP Address, Create a Name, and select the Classroom you want to keep synced with AccuClub.
  7. Notice the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub is connecting to the Time-Clock…
  8. Once Connected under the time-clock you connected. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all classrooms you want to sync are entered in the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub.
  9. Click File > Exit or just close with red X in the top right.
  10. Notice that the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub remains open in the task tray to continue to sync time-clock swipes with AccuClub.
You can click File > Logout and Exit to stop syncing the time-clocks with AccuClub. To restart syncing simply double-click the AccuClub Time-Clock Hub icon and login again.

Configuring the time-clock

This section goes over the items you need to complete in order to start collecting swipes with you newly purchased time-clock.

Call 321-214-0012 to get help with configuring the time-clock.

Collecting Attendance with a Time-clock

Simply swipe the card and your Students should be hear one of two auditory responses:

  • “Thank you!” Response - This means that the card data was read successfully and it recognizes the Student from the AccuClub Hub software's Synced data.
  • “Card Error Occured” Response - This means that the card data was not read successfully and/or the Student was not recognized by the time-clock.
If they were not recognized by the time-clock you may need to re-sync the time-clock using the AccuClub Hub software.

Click here to choose another method for tracking attendance with AccuClub.